Welcome to Mimir’s Brunnr

Mimir’s Brunnr is a personal project exploring the history of my folk and lands. From the Mesolithic to the

medieval, from Britain to beyond her shores.

There are many sites detailing the spiritual traditions and histories of far off lands, but so little of our own.

Modernity has cut us from our own roots, so we seek spiritual nourishment and wonder

elsewhere, in some far off exotic land.

In these ancient isles that lie off the north western shores of Europe, we are blessed with such  abundance of

history. From Megalith to mound our forebears crafted in the land monuments as

testament to their existence, that have endured for millennia.

Yet few stop and stare, few take time to care.

What does the future hold for such a folk?

Woden sacrificed one of his eyes for the knowledge of the past, leaving it within the well, so he could see for

eternity that which has come to pass. Woden understood the value of the past and its

inherent powers when determining the future.

Just as the mythical well of Mimir nourished the roots of Yggdrasil, I hope that this Mimir’s well will nourish

the roots of my folk. 

“Then I was fertilised and became wise;

I truly grew and thrived.

From a word to a word I was lead to a word.

From a work to a work I was lead to a work.”

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Mimir’s Brunnr is a solo project and as such, it will take a little time to fill up this well. I do this is a passion

and do not ask for golden trinkets, only a little patience.

If though you have come here super early in the sites development and are eager to indulge in exploring your

folks wisdom, then please check out Wulf Ingessunnu blog sites.


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Mimir’s Brunnr “Of what wouldst thou ask me?”