Through out this website you will find ideas in many articles relating to words and their meanings. it is important therefore to make a few statements on how I view them so my ideas can be better understood. It is clear our ancestors had an affinity with words, ancient Skalds would pride themselves on hiding up to 7 different meanings in one simple verse, similar word play can be seen in Kennings ect. I believe this harks back to a time long before writing was a norm, to a time when we only had sounds and symbols. All words or concepts, I believe contain within them multiple meanings and ideas, all of which are worthy of exploration. As such when I offer an alternative view point, I do not claim it to be necessarily “correct” or the only one, in fact you will find in this website multiple ideas surrounding even one word, all of which I believe can be true at the same time, all of which could of been intended. I do not either view them simply as “riddles”  the idea where we give the words one meaning and try to discern the hidden layers within the rigid verse. The words themselves contain many options for interpretation which in turn add to the deeper understandings within the verse or myth.  Another note to make is that some of these concepts hark back to the beginning of man, thus have over time acquired extra meanings maybe not originally intended, but equally important if we truly wish to understand our forefolk. As they relate to the memory of the folk and its experiences, in a sense a refinement of an idea. Simply, for me words, poems and myths are interactive they appear to the viewer from a perspective from which he can see. Even a simple symbol can hide within it many layers of understanding, accessible to the viewer from their perspective at that particular time and space. In this way one poem can through an initiates life continually give new insight, as the student develops the words begin to reveal to him new understandings. In this way a “master” can with one verse teach many students over their lifetime without ever being present, all the time the verse is tailored to their specific level of development.
Hidden meanings And multiple concepts.